Primrose Hill SUDS Scheme


E&M West are pleased to be associated with the Primrose Hill Community Woodland Trust. The Trust created and maintains woodland areas on the slopes of Lansdown overlooking Bath. It is open for the local community to enjoy, providing a variety of walks with spectacular views and of course creating a valuable wildlife habitat.

The Trust is committed to improving access particularly for the disabled and to this end enlisted our support to improve site drainage. Access is currently hindered by erosion from surface water flows, and E&M West have been able to help by designing a sustainable drainage system to divert the flow to areas where it can dissipate without causing damage. The same system has been designed to intercept spring flow and this will improve the condition of some of the tracks and paths on site.

This resource is well worth a visit, it is easy to find:
To see how the work is progressing, visit the Trusts website