Easton, Bristol


These early 19th century properties are typical of this area of Bristol. Most buildings are of a type or form related to their age. In this case they are of solid penant stone walls, with some feature courses, timber floors and butterfly roof structures. When asked to provide structural survey it is important to understand how house types are built, and the defects that typically arise over time. In this structural form the roofs to end of terrace properties are prone to spreading due to the lateral forces, made worse in this case by the height of the gable resulting from the slope to the street. Our brief here was to report on the nature of the defect, to design and organise temporary support and make recommendations for remedial works. We designed and inspected temporary propping to joist ends where detached from the supporting valley beam as a temporary measure. This is one of several instructions from Andrews property management arm, we also provide this service to private clients.


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