Coombe Hill Junior School


This is a challenging extension within  a Kingston school.  The site was an existing courtyard with buildings on four sides and only a narrow access to external space.  What is more the site was raised above external ground levels, retaining walls having been constructed as part of the original design.

The solution we adopted was to make use of existing sub-structure where possible, and where not to construct a series of deep bases linked by ground beams at high level.  These had to be carefully located to respect existing drainage and service runs.

Superstructure relied on re-use of existing steel frameworks on the perimeter, introducing supplementary support and re-engineering to achieve acceptable levels of stress.  New columns and beams were in laminated timber, with engineered timber roof joists providing increased insulation space.

CDM services were also provided on this project, with input into the complex management issues arising from working in an active school with limited access.  



Architect: Potter and Holmes (London)